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Gift Certificates

Prepaid payments first came on the scene in the 1930s in the form of Gift Certificates from large US-based retailers such as Macy's. This marked the early phase of prepaid retail solutions.

The Golden Arches

McDonald's launches its gift certificates, popularising the concept in the fast-food industry.

Prepaid Phone Cards

Introduction of prepaid phone cards by telecom companies, such as British Telecom, initiating the concept of prepaid telecommunication services.

Phone Cards Go Global

Prepaid phone cards gain widespread use in Europe and Asia, showing the global appeal of prepaid services.

Open-loop cards land

Barclays Bank in the UK in partnership with Visa made the first steps in launching an early open-loop prepaid card, the Barclays Connect Card.

AMEX open loop enters the market

Following the success of Barclays in the UK across the pond US-based American Express launched its own open-loop gift card, the AMEX Gift Card

Blockbuster's Entertainment Passport

Blockbuster released its gift card, replacing paper gift certificates, increasing the security of its prepaid product, and revolutionizing the way customers access entertainment rentals.

Starbucks' Coffee Currency

Starbucks introduced a reloadable gift card, innovating the concept of loyalty and convenience in the coffee retail market, whilst bringing the use of prepaid further into people's daily lives, with 4 million activations in 8 months.

Prepaid Goes Digital

In the 2010's prepaid morphed again this time it was all about the way people accessed prepaid payments through the use of wallets or online prepaid marketplaces such as, making purchasing and reloading prepaid super easy without the need to visit physical stores.

Why prepaid is the go-to way to pay

Prepaid payments are the smart choice in a digital world. Enjoy the freedom of controlled spending, enhanced security, and unmatched convenience.

Easy global gifting
Budget Control
Privacy & Security

Consumer Benefits

Digital repaid payments offer a modern solution to manage finances with ease and security.
  • Spend Wisely - Stay within budget and avoid debt.
  • Secure Transactions - Safeguard your privacy and funds.
  • Universal Access - Enjoy global acceptance for online and international purchases.

Brands & Merchants Benefits

Prepaid solutions offer brands and merchants a pathway to enhanced customer engagement and revenue growth
  • Broader Market Reach - Attract a diverse customer base, including unbanked consumers.
  • Reduced Fraud Risk - Lower exposure to fraudulent transactions and chargebacks.
  • Customer Loyalty - Encourage repeat business with convenient and secure payment options.

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