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Amsterdam, Tuesday, 13 October 2020

Today Dutch fintech business Creative Group take their next steps in becoming the global leader in recharging digital prepaid credit, by transforming to Recharge.com. The new brand will challenge and disrupt traditional players across the globe with its online digital prepaid credit stores.

Disrupting a traditional global market.

The shift from slow off-line to fast and convenient online purchases of prepaid credit is rapidly growing. Recharge.com will be the go-to destination for consumers to purchase their prepaid credit online. Whether bought directly by consumers or sent from a friend or family member - prepaid credit is the financial infrastructure that caters to the daily needs of billions of people around the world. While at the same time ensuring budget control & privacy.

A drive to deliver great customer experiences

Following an investment of €22 million from Prime Ventures in 2019, the company have already launched 18 new consumer stores and upgraded its platform to create stronger customer experiences. In 2020 Recharge.com saw their growth accelerate further where lockdowns due to Covid-19 lead to peak sales.

Proud with high ambitions

Günther Vogelpoel, CEO of Recharge.com, said; “We are living in the fast lane when it comes to new market launches. Our 2020 footprint expansion is just the beginning. Our team is hungry and super ambitious and will launch many new countries, products and features in 2021. I am proud and grateful to work with such outstanding partners and of course our dedicated and talented team. Great adventures are best enjoyed in good company”.

For further information, please contact our Press Office at press@recharge.com .

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