3 June 2022·4 min read

Recharge & Soda win gold in E-commerce Category at the Dutch Interactive Awards

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In collaboration with Soda, a digital product design agency, the global leader in online prepaid payments Recharge.com won Gold at the Dutch Interactive Awards (DIA) in the e-commerce category.

Buck the trend: pay now buy later

Customers can find a wide array of prepayment services at Recharge.com: digital gift cards, vouchers, mobile phone top-ups, prepaid in-app purchases, prepaid streaming subscriptions, and prepaid credit cards. The combination of speed, ease of use, diverse product offerings and extensive payment options make Recharge.com an ideal global platform for digital credit. 

Completely against the global trend, the company is experiencing strong growth with the 'Pay now, buy later' concept. "Especially in emerging markets like South America and the Middle East, consumers are using prepaid services more often instead of paying by credit card or direct debit. This trend can also be observed worldwide where people prefer not to be tied to subscriptions - they prefer pay-as-you-go payment methods for using online services as they truly put the consumer in charge," said Jeroen Siegerink, Director Category & Buying at Recharge.com.

Dutch e-commerce players compete on a global scale

To realise Recharge.com’s digital growth ambitions, Soda worked with Recharge.com to design a scalable and future-proof platform that can be used on a global scale. Lead UX Design Jeroen van de Ruit explains: "The main challenge was to design a conversion-driven interface that appeals to multiple target groups. We did not focus on one market or one continent, but developed a user experience that works well everywhere, including Arabic markets." 

Siegerink adds: "Recharge.com is growing very fast: where a complete website redesign process normally takes 6 months, we have launched the new site in 3 months with the cooperation of Soda, without compromising on quality: This tells me that we have built something very impressive. We have shown the jury that a Dutch company can conquer the e-commerce world and grow year after year. That is very cool.”

Dutch Interactive Awards jury quote

The jury found this promising platform: scalable, international, fast-growing, smartly approached. An example for online business by a Dutch company. All in all, an impressive case with a global approach to gain an international position. In short: this has enormous global potential and is ready for the Web 3.0.

Customer happiness above all

Siegerink: "Winning this Dutch Interactive Award makes us very proud. We want to give consumers control over their spending, their security when they buy online, but also their identity when they buy online. Our business results show that customers are happy with us. On top of that, it is very nice to receive recognition from professionals in the field."


About the Dutch Interactive Awards

The DIA’s are awards for the best digital work by Dutch creators, presented by Emerce. Within 16 categories there are gold and silver awards for the most prominent agency projects and their clients.

About Soda

Soda are a digital product design agency. We make smart designs that are easy to use. That's how we create a great brand experience and more business for our clients. Soda is part of MakerStreet, an Amsterdam-based collective of the very best agencies.

About Recharge.com

Recharge.com is a growing global leader in prepaid payments with over € 400 million of payments in 2021.

Operating around the world we process millions of online transactions annually connecting customers with leading global brands. Through a broad selection of digital vouchers & prepaid money from brands including CASHU, paysafecard, Apple, Google and PlayStation alongside cross-border remittances of call, data credits and more, our digital platform improves customer outcomes and disrupts traditional players across the globe. 


For more details, please contact Sjors van Santen from Soda on 06 260 30 520 or Ross Cumming from Recharge.com at press@recharge.com.

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