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We make online recharge possible for anyone, anywhere, at anytime.

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Experience the ease of prepaid payments with Recharge, as a consumer or a business. Trusted globally and accessible instantly!

Global online Retail stores

The global one-stop-shop for all prepaid payments and top-ups.

Local online Retail stores

Local online retail stores across western Europe that serve locally relevant assortment

Direct B2B solutions

Boost your sales or inspire your teams with gift cards for marketing incentives and employee rewards.


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Our Solution

Early on we recognised that many consumers sought more convenience through buying prepaid cards online. Since conception, Recharge has processed over 100 million transactions for satisfied customers globally by:
Solutionsand benefits

Benefits for customers

In today's world consumers want convenience and to be in control. With digital prepaid payments that is what we provide for them. They offer convenience, security, and flexibility.


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Benefits for Business

Our global digital prepaid payments network unlocks business opportunities for some of the biggest brands around the world, connecting them with he consumers they seek. With our global reach they can distribute

Business experience that matters

Our services cover a range of consumer one-stop-shops, prepaid financial products and B2B sales. Each serve businesses and consumers alike.